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Bryant - The Machine Awakes

Colgrass - Old Churches


Hadermann - Florence Fayre

Latham - Brighton Beach

Maslanka - Rollo Takes a Walk


Sudduth - Thematic Variations on                                  "Dona Nobis Pacem"

Ticheli - Amen!

Williams - Symphonic Dance No. 3                                "Fiesta"


Y. Nishimura - Merry Go Round

C. Nishimura - Chasing Sunlight

Shapiro - Paper Cut

McGinty - Chant Fantastique

Iwai - Yagi-Bushi

Nelson - Courtly Airs and Dances

Bernstein/Bocook - Danzon from                                              "Fancy Free"

Hernandez/Naulais - El  Cumbanchero

2019-2020  REPERTOIRE

Holiday Concert

A Christmas Tale

(Beware the Krampus) - Standridge

Santa Loves to Cha-Cha - Huckeby

Winter Concert

Blue and Green Music - Hazo

Foundry - Mackey

Rippling Watercolors - Balmages

Prairie Dances - David Holsinger

Concert Band


The Edwardsville High School Concert Band consists of students from grades 9 -12, that are continually developing their musical skills.  Students in this ensemble read level appropriate literature to help them acheive the fundamentals of musical playing.  This course explores the basics of building correct technique on the instrument through rehearsals and performances.  The foundation for building a strong performing ensemble begins with students exploring how to acheive a characteristic tone quality for their instrument, having accurate rhythms & pitches, and learning how to create a sense of musical style for each piece we perform.  The Concert Band Class is broken into two periods during the school day; 5th hour is when the percussion meet to rehearse , and 6th hour is when the Brass and Woodwinds meet.  Please visit our monthly calendar page to see what is coming up or head to our contact page to inquire about more information for this ensemble.





Evaluated critiques of prepared material involving the entire band,

resulting in seating and band placement by ability level.

Audition material is selected from instruction books the students are required to purchase. In addition, students will perform the I.M.E.A. scale sheet, chromatic scale in the full range of their instrument, and sight-reading(as time allows). The material will be reviewed in sectionals prior to auditions, which are held towards the end of the marching season. Students perform audition for the Directors. The Directors evaluate their auditions and determine band and chair placement.

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