Symphonic Band


The Symphonic Band is designed for experienced instrumental students who have mastered fundamental techniques and have proven themselves to be advanced in musical abilities and maturity. Symphonic Band members are challenged with the finest and most demanding band literature of varying styles commensurate with the ability level of the group. Students are required to perform at all scheduled concerts, are members of the marching band, and must attend rotating sectionals.





Evaluated critiques of prepared material involving the entire band,

resulting in seating and band placement by ability level.

Audition material is selected from instruction books the students are required to purchase. In addition, students will perform the I.M.E.A. scale sheet, chromatic scale in the full range of their instrument, and sight-reading(as time allows). The material will be reviewed in sectionals prior to auditions, which are held towards the end of the marching season. Students perform audition for the Directors. The

Directors evaluate their auditions and determine band and chair placement.