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Fine & Performing Arts Departments


71000 Band

Prerequisite: Enrolled in Band with access to instrument in good working condition

Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12

Credit: 1.0


Students enrolled in the band program are members of the Marching Band. Practices take place during the summer to prepare the band for the marching season. When school starts in August, all members of the marching band are required to attend two evening rehearsals each week during the marching season. In late October or early November, band members will audition for placement in one of two indoor bands (Symphonic Band and Concert Band). These bands will continue until the end of the school year. The performance requirements for band members will include: all home football games, three to six marching band contests, four or five parades, three to five concerts, and a symphonic band contest. Members of the band will attend one rotating sectional lesson each week during the school year. Students will need access to a SMART MUSIC account in order to play their sectional assignments. Students are required to play four to five sectional assignments per quarter. Optional additions to the program are: Honors Music Performance Seminar and Honors Senior Seminar, a weighted grade program for 11th and 12th graders. Members of the band are split into two basketball Pep Bands for some home basketball games. Other ensembles include: Jazz Band (selection by audition); Pit Orchestra for musicals (membership by director’s selection); Percussion Ensemble (membership by director’s selection or audition); Flute Choir (membership by selection); Saxophone Ensemble (membership by selection); Winter Guard (membership by audition); Solo and Ensemble Contest (limited to numbers of participants allowed by the IHSA); AllDistrict Festival (membership by audition); All-State Festival (membership by state selection process); SIUE Bi-State Band Festival (membership by selection).


71300 Percussion

Prerequisite: Enrolled in Band with prior percussion experience within the Band program 

Grade: 9, 10, 11, 12

Credit: 1.0

See 71000 Band course description for course requirements


71503 Music Appreciation

Prerequisite: None

Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12

Credit: 0.5


This course explores the historical genres and periods of music from antiquity to present day compositions and styles. Various composers and significant pieces are studied within a cultural context. 71603 Music Theory Prerequisite: None Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12 Credit: 0.5 This course is designed for music and non-music students to develop musical skills that will lead to a better understanding of music composition and music theory. The course will serve students seeking a career in music as well as those who desire it for enrichment.


73330 Honors MPS* – Band

Prerequisite: Member of performance group and director’s recommendation

Grade: 11, 12

Credit: 1.0


These seminars are designed for students who are enrolled in band, orchestra, or choirs to challenge and stretch their musical abilities. During the first quarter, students must audition for All-District and participate if selected. During the second quarter, students must complete an arrangement of a selected composition. During the third quarter, students must perform a solo at the IHSA Solo and Ensemble Contest. During the fourth quarter, students must compose an original piece of music. All solos must be contest quality. Students must also meet the various requirements of their major performance group of which they are members. *Music Performance Seminar


73300 Honors Senior Seminar– Band  

Prerequisite: Students enrolling in Senior Seminar classes must be outstanding seniors participating in band. Prior experience in MPS classes is preferred.

Grades: 12

Credit: 0.5


This course offers an alternative to a second year of Honors MPS. This class will combine seniors from all areas of the performing arts (band, choir, and orchestra) to expand the students’ basic knowledge of composition and theory. The students will complete similar assignments as the current MPS classes but with wider parameters. Students will meet once every two weeks on a rotational schedule that replaces sectionals. 



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