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15th Annual 

Tiger Ambush Classic

September 16, 2023

REgistration Link

  Early Bird Entry Fee: $250

(If paid by July 1st) 

Entry Fee: $300 


Please make Checks payable to:  

Edwardsville High School Band Boosters


Registration Deadline:  September 1st,  2023

2023 TAC Judges


Music - Brian Froege

Music - 

Effect/Music - 

Visual - 

Effect/Visual - Keith Baker

Guard - 

Percussion - Alan Barone

2023 Participating Bands

Belleville East High School

Belleville West High School

Central Community High School

Civic Memorial High School

Highland High School

Jacksonville High School

Marquette High School

Mehlville High School

Mt. Carmel High School

O'Fallon Township High School

Parkway North High School

Parkway West High School

Rockwood Summit High School

Salem Community High School

St. Charles High School

St. Charles West High School

Timberland High School

Wesclin High School

Highlights Include:


·        Two Award Ceremonies (1 for A/AA and 1      

           for AAA/AAAA)


·         Artificial field turf performance field


·        Fully lined music/physical warm-up fields


·        Excellent Judging Panel


·        Early Afternoon/ evening contest


·        Easy access to interstate 70, 55, and 270


·        Great Concessions 


·        Classification by Band Size (winds and 




Trophies awarded for:


·        1st, 2nd, 3rd place in each class


·        Outstanding Percussion in class


·        Outstanding Color Guard in class


·        Outstanding Music in class


·        Outstanding Visual  in class

.        Grand Champion class A/AA

.        Grand Champion class AAA/AAAA

2023 Judging Panel


Music - Josh Ellis

Music - Marvin Battle

Music Effect - Miles Threlkeld

Visual - Keith Tieck

Visual GE - Keith Baker

Color Guard - Carrie Gentry

Percussion - Alan Barone


Contact Information 


Ryan Lipscomb

Director of Bands - Contest Coordinator

Edwardsville High School 

email :



Joy McRae

Contest Coordinator



Band Room 



Edwardsville High School

6161 Center Grove Rd. Edwardsville, IL. 62025 

Anchor 1

Previous Award Winners 

(click on the highlighted years to view the recaps)


A/AA Grand Champion -------- Mehlville 

AAA/AAAA Grand Champion - Rockwood Summit


A/AA Grand Champion----------Marquette

AAA/AAAA Grand Champion---O'Fallon Township


A/AA Grand Champion----------Lafayette

AAA/AAAA Grand Champion---O'Fallon Township


A/AA Grand Champion----------Lafayette

AAA/AAAA Grand Champion---O'Fallon Township


A/AA Grand Champion----------Lafayette

AAA/AAAA Grand Champion---O'Fallon Township


Grand Champion----------O'Fallon Township



Grand Champion----------Belleville East



Grand Champion---------- O'Fallon Township




Grand Champion---------- O'Fallon Township



Class A


1st - Wesclin (Visual, Aux)

2nd - Winfield (Music, Perc)

3rd - Carlyle 


Class AA


1st - Murphysboro (Visual, Music)

2nd - Carterville

3rd - Salem (Perc, Aux)



Class AAA


1st - Windsor C-1 (Visual, Music -tie)

2nd - Mater Dei ( Perc)

3rd - Robinson (Aux)


Class AAAA


1st - Granite City (All Captions)

2nd - Seckman

3rd - Effingham




Grand Champion----------Granite City



Class A


1st - Winfield (Music)

2nd - Salem (Visual, Perc, Aux)

3rd - Wesclin (DM)


Class AA


1st - Mehlville (Visual, Music, Perc)

2nd - Hillsboro (Aux) 

3rd - Collinsville

Centralia (DM)



Class AAA


1st - Granite City (Visual, Music, Aux)

2nd - Timberland (DM)

3rd - Seckman

Effingham (perc)


Class AAAA


1st - O'Fallon Township (Visual, Music, Perc, Aux, DM)

2nd - Belleville East

3rd - Masoutah 




Grand Champion----------O'Fallon Township



Class A


1st - Desoto (Visual, Music, Aux)

2nd - Massac County 

3rd - Winfield

Salem (perc, DM)



Class AA


1st - Mehlville (Visual, Music)

2nd - Hillsboro (Perc, Aux)

3rd - Windsor

Northwest (DM)



Grand Champion A/AA ---------- Mehlville



Class AAA


1st - Granite City (Visual, Music, Aex, DM)

2nd - Effingham (Perc)

3rd - Timberland


Class AAAA


1st - O'Fallon (Music)

2nd - Normal West 

3rd - Frances Howell Central

Rockwood Summit (Visual, Perc, Aux, DM)




Grand Champion AAA/AAAA ---------- O'Fallon Township



Class A


1st - Northwest (Visual, Music, Perc, Aux)

2nd - Desoto (DM)

3rd - Wesclin


Class AA


1st - Mehlville (Visual, Music, Perc, Aux)

2nd - Seckman

3rd - Timberland (DM)



Class AAA


1st - Granite City (Music, Aux)

2nd - Effingham (Visual, DM)

3rd - Triad (Perc)


Class AAAA


1st - Blue Springs (Music, Perc, Aux, DM)

2nd - O'Fallon (Visual)

3rd - Belleville East




Grand Champion----------Blue Springs



Class A


1st - Northwest

2nd - Centralia (DM)

3rd - Salem (Aux)

Desoto (Perc)

Wesclin (Music)


Class AA


1st - Waterloo (Music, Aux, DM)

2nd - Robinson (Perc)

3rd - Timberland



Class AAA


1st - Mehlville (Music, Aux)

2nd - Triad (Perc)

3rd - Effingham (DM)


Class AAAA


1st - Belleville East (Music, Perc, DM)

2nd - Alton (Aux)

3rd - Hazelwood West




Grand Champion----------Belleville East

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