14th Annual 

Tiger Ambush Classic

Congratulations to our 2022 Grand Champions!!!!

A/AA Grand Champion - Mehlville HS

AAA/AAAA - Rockwood Summit HS

Full Results

  Early Bird Entry Fee: $250

(If paid by July 1st) 

Entry Fee: $300 


Please make Checks payable to:  

Edwardsville High School Band Boosters


Registration Deadline:  September 1st,  2022

2022 TAC Judges


Music - Dave Monesmith

Music - Shawn Humphries

Effect/Music - Troy Peterson

Visual - Carrie Gentry

Effect/Visual - Sherri Peterson

Guard - Wanda Conway

Percussion - Jeff Huffman

Highlights Include:


·        Two Award Ceremonies (1 for A/AA and 1      

           for AAA/AAAA)


·         Artificial field turf performance field


·        Fully lined music/physical warm-up fields


·        Excellent Judging Panel


·        Early Afternoon/ evening contest


·        Easy access to interstate 70, 55, and 270


·        Great Concessions 


·        Classification by Band Size (winds and 




Trophies awarded for:


·        1st, 2nd, 3rd place in each class


·        Outstanding Percussion in class


·        Outstanding Color Guard in class


·        Outstanding Music in class


·        Outstanding Visual  in class

.        Grand Champion class A/AA

.        Grand Champion class AAA/AAAA



Contact Information 


Ryan Lipscomb

Director of Bands - Contest Coordinator

Edwardsville High School 

email :



Danielle Henke

Contest Coordinator



Band Room 



Edwardsville High School

6161 Center Grove Rd. Edwardsville, IL. 62025 


Previous Award Winners 

(click on the highlighted years to view the recaps)


A/AA Grand Champion----------Marquette

AAA/AAAA Grand Champion---O'Fallon Township


A/AA Grand Champion----------Lafayette

AAA/AAAA Grand Champion---O'Fallon Township


A/AA Grand Champion----------Lafayette

AAA/AAAA Grand Champion---O'Fallon Township


A/AA Grand Champion----------Lafayette

AAA/AAAA Grand Champion---O'Fallon Township


Grand Champion----------O'Fallon Township



Grand Champion----------Belleville East



Grand Champion---------- O'Fallon Township




Grand Champion---------- O'Fallon Township



Class A


1st - Wesclin (Visual, Aux)

2nd - Winfield (Music, Perc)

3rd - Carlyle 


Class AA


1st - Murphysboro (Visual, Music)

2nd - Carterville

3rd - Salem (Perc, Aux)



Class AAA


1st - Windsor C-1 (Visual, Music -tie)

2nd - Mater Dei ( Perc)

3rd - Robinson (Aux)


Class AAAA


1st - Granite City (All Captions)

2nd - Seckman

3rd - Effingham




Grand Champion----------Granite City



Class A


1st - Winfield (Music)

2nd - Salem (Visual, Perc, Aux)

3rd - Wesclin (DM)


Class AA


1st - Mehlville (Visual, Music, Perc)

2nd - Hillsboro (Aux) 

3rd - Collinsville

Centralia (DM)



Class AAA


1st - Granite City (Visual, Music, Aux)

2nd - Timberland (DM)

3rd - Seckman

Effingham (perc)


Class AAAA


1st - O'Fallon Township (Visual, Music, Perc, Aux, DM)

2nd - Belleville East

3rd - Masoutah 




Grand Champion----------O'Fallon Township



Class A


1st - Desoto (Visual, Music, Aux)

2nd - Massac County 

3rd - Winfield

Salem (perc, DM)



Class AA


1st - Mehlville (Visual, Music)

2nd - Hillsboro (Perc, Aux)

3rd - Windsor

Northwest (DM)



Grand Champion A/AA ---------- Mehlville



Class AAA


1st - Granite City (Visual, Music, Aex, DM)

2nd - Effingham (Perc)

3rd - Timberland


Class AAAA


1st - O'Fallon (Music)

2nd - Normal West 

3rd - Frances Howell Central

Rockwood Summit (Visual, Perc, Aux, DM)




Grand Champion AAA/AAAA ---------- O'Fallon Township



Class A


1st - Northwest (Visual, Music, Perc, Aux)

2nd - Desoto (DM)

3rd - Wesclin


Class AA


1st - Mehlville (Visual, Music, Perc, Aux)

2nd - Seckman

3rd - Timberland (DM)



Class AAA


1st - Granite City (Music, Aux)

2nd - Effingham (Visual, DM)

3rd - Triad (Perc)


Class AAAA


1st - Blue Springs (Music, Perc, Aux, DM)

2nd - O'Fallon (Visual)

3rd - Belleville East




Grand Champion----------Blue Springs



Class A


1st - Northwest

2nd - Centralia (DM)

3rd - Salem (Aux)

Desoto (Perc)

Wesclin (Music)


Class AA


1st - Waterloo (Music, Aux, DM)

2nd - Robinson (Perc)

3rd - Timberland



Class AAA


1st - Mehlville (Music, Aux)

2nd - Triad (Perc)

3rd - Effingham (DM)


Class AAAA


1st - Belleville East (Music, Perc, DM)

2nd - Alton (Aux)

3rd - Hazelwood West




Grand Champion----------Belleville East